Wine in Movies, TV and Books

Wine and culture seem to go hand in hand. Many books and movies feature wine as key plot elements or scene builders. Learn more about the wines in some classics, and pour yourself a glass while you watch or read!


A Night At the Opera
A Room With A View
An Affair to Remember
The Big Sleep
The Blues Brothers
Das Boat
Dr. Zhivago
French Kiss
The Godfather
The Goodbye Girl
High Anxiety
It's a Wonderful Life
James Bond Movies and Champagne
The Jerk
Lord of the Rings
The Maltese Falcon
Much Ado About Nothing and Marsala
Murder on the Orient Express
The Muppet Movie
The Pink Panther 2
Pride and Prejudice
The Remains of the Day
Silence of the Lambs and Amarone
Sophie's Choice
Star Trek - Nemesis

TV Shows

The Sopranos
Spartacus Miniseries
True Blood


Anna and the King
Appointment in Samarra
The Cask of Amontillado
Chaucer, Canterbury Tales, and Mead
The Citadel
The Great Gatesby
The Last Bombshell
Murder Uncorked
Spenser for Hire
Three Musketeers

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