Reds - 2002 Burgundy Wine Tasting

2002 Jaffelin Pinot Noir "Cuvee Pickwick" $14.99

Our starting burgundy was named for a wine bar in Beaune called Pickwick. The wine is normally only sold at that wine bar. It offered light tannins, gentle acids and a cherry flavor.

2002 Demougeot Bourgogne Pinot Noir Vielles Vigne $19.99

In French, "vigne" means old vine. This is not a regulated term, but in general it means the vines are around 45 years old - very old for pinot noir. This winery recently brought a new winemaker in, and is now better quality. The flavors include rich, juicy pepper and cherry with slight tannins. It is a nice complex flavor with a good finish. The winery declassified these grapes out of their higher end wines to preserve their higher end wines

2002 Domaine Lorenzon Bourgogne Rouge $19.99

This wine has medium tannins and acids, with flavors of strawberry, raspberry, and a nice finish. It has a gentle body and smoothly balanced.

2002 Clos Salomon Givry 1er Cru $29.99

This wine is smooth with rich cherry and berry flavors, and light tannins. There's also a metallic hint in the wine.

2002 Demougeot Savigny "Bourgeots" $33.99

Savigny is the name of a town in the region. The wine has nice berry aromas, and a smooth mouth feel. There are mild tannins with a metallic hint, as well as earthy, juicy acids.

2000 Domaine Patrice Rion Vosne Romance $53.99

The aroma has a hint of vegetable, with cherry and light tannins and earth. John commented that this wine as "not as pretty in the nose" as the others, with tongue drying black fruits.

Note that just as with the whites, there was no one "best" wine in this bunch - each wine had its fans!

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