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I am a very firm believer in the idea that each of us has our own taste buds. Some of us hate liver, some of us love it. Some of us love ranch dressing, some of us find it vile. To say that any one person or magazine can "rate" a wine to say it is good or bad seems unreasonable to me. We all like what we like. A wine that one person likes, another person can hate. There are no "sole standards" for a wine. A Shiraz grape can taste very different depending on where it is planted, and each wine is equally as valid as a delicious end product. There is no "one way" a Shiraz wine should taste.

That all being said, I will gladly write up what *I* as a human being enjoy about certain wines, and offer these reviews for your perusal. You can feel free to agree or disagree! Chime in with your own point of view. The more you learn about my wine style, the more you can learn to find wines that YOU will like based on my reviews. If you love the taste of chocolate in your Cabernets, then simply look for the Cabernets I review that have a chocolate flavor to them. That will help to steer you in the correct direction for your palate.

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