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Arione Wine & Asti
The Arione winery creates both fine wines and Asti Spumantis. The site is in Italian.

Azienda Agricola Colbel
Azienda Agricola Colbel is a small vineyard and winery in the Alpine foothills of the Veneto region. It is run by my husband Gianni Teo with the help of the entire family. We produce mainly Prosecco wine in its various styles. Why not try one on?

Azienda Vinicola Amilio Franzoni
Established only in 1910, and located just outside of Rome, this winery sells a number of wines and grappa.

Aziende Agricole Friulane Banear
Banear is made up of nine associated estates whose vineyards are located in the Friuli’s most renowned wine-growing areas: Collio, Colli Orientali and Grave del Friuli.

Aziende Vitivinicole Valle
Valle puts out four series - Araldica, San Blas, Gigi Valle Collection, and the Valle Line.

Campagnola SpA
A series of fine wines including a ´Vigneti Monte Foscarino´, ´Vigneti di Purano´, Sauvignon, grappa, and even olive oil.

Cantina di Soave
They produce Veronese D.O.C. wines such as Soave, Valpolicella, Bardolino, Bianco di Custoza and Garda. They also produce quite a few major ´standard´ wines.

Castellari Bergaglio
Castellari Bergaglio is located in Gavi, and creates five wines: Gavi, Gavi Brise, Gavi di Rovereto, Gavi Pilin and Grappa di Gavi

Cocchi Asti Spumanti
Giulio Cocchi is the only active producer still remaining within the confines of the historic city of Asti; and the company makes small quantities only by selecting the best Moscato grapes from the hills of the Asti region.

Elena Walch Wines
In 1985 former architect Elena Walch began producing classic varietal wines deriving esclusively from the Castel Ringberg and Kastelaz estates.

Fenocchio Azienda Agricola
Fenocchio includes the Bussia Vineyards, Cannubi Vineyards, Castellero Vineyards, and Pugnane Vineyards.

Marchesi Alfieri Wine
Pinot Nero, La Tota, and other regional grapes are used in these wines. Some of their products include a red Sansoero Grignolino, and a La Tota Barbera d´Asti.

Masi Winery
Seventeen vineyards are in the Valpolicella classico zone, four vineyards are in the Bardolino classico area, and the rest are in the Soave classico.

Mauro Sebaste
A lovely site with information about this unique wines, including Langhe DOC Freisa and a series of grappas.

Rivera has quite a selection of wine including Rosè di Rivera, Bianca di Svevia, Rupicolo di Rivera, Il Falcone, Locorotondo, Piani di Tufara, and much more.

Santero Winery
Santero creates a DOCG Asti, a Moscato d´Asti, a Barbera d´Asti, and quite a few other wines.

Taurino Azienda Agricola
A series of fine wines including Patriglione, Rosso del Salento, Salento Chardonnay, Salento Rosario, Salice Salentino Rosso and Stria Salento Blanco.

Tenuta Poggio del Lupo
Tenuta is located in the Orvieto area. They specialize in red table wine (Montepulciano, Sangiovese, Ciliegiolo grapes) and more.

Vini Corvo Duca di Salparuta
Their two specialities are Ala and Brut Riserva, but they also make Colomba Platino, Terre D´Agala, and many other wines.

Zonin is made up of many vineyards across northern and central Italy, including Femuta il Bosco, Castello del Poggio, Abbazia Monte Oliveto, and many more.

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