Wine Cork Trivet Instructions

I have many different versions of my wine cork trivet instructions online. This set is done with hot melt glue, using a soft denim fabric wrap around the base. Where I personally made the other trivets with the various types of glue, my boyfriend took on the creation of this one for me. The hot melt glue system is VERY hot and can be dangerous. The quest for this specific test was to see how quickly we could get a six-by-three trivet done. The hot melt glue was by far the quickest setting glue out of all the ones we tested.

Wine Cork Trivet

For this set, I went with a larger wooden rectangle that my darling boyfriend has cut out for me. This one is the 5 3/4" by 5 1/2" size. He found this was the right size for a 18-cork trivet. He cut them out of a quarter-inch hardwood. In addition to that I have the hot melt glue (with matching gun). Where most of my trivets up until now were done with felt, this one was done out of light denim style fabric that I had left over from a sewing project. So the fabric was not as thick as felt, and was only mildly soft.

For the corks, I chose to go with a French theme. These were all corks from wineries in France - Graves, Saint Estephe, etc.

Now it's time for Step 2 - Wine Cork Trivet Instructions.

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