Wine Cork Trivet Instructions

The first part of the project was the same as we've done for all of our other projects. First we folded the two shorter ends of the fabric across the top and bottom of the board, making a hem. These hems were glued against the board and the fabric. Then the two longer arms of the fabric were glued in place, creating a seam across the back of the trivet. This was the side of the trivet which the corks would then cover.

Normally we would now let this set for 24 hours while waited down by heavy books. However, we were doing a speed run here. So we barely waited a few minutes for the glue to cool down before we plowed ahead with the next step! The gluing of the corks.

We used the hot glue on the bottom and side of each cork, so that it connected well to the base and to the side corks. It only took a few minutes to put these corks in place and to let them set. Then voila! We were completely done!

Wine Cork Trivet

The corks were very stable - impressive especially because we were working with the larger size here.

Very impressive in terms of stability, but again this hot glue is very dangerous and definitely shouldn't be used by kids.

Wine Cork Trivet

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