:( [size:11pt][b]Poor Louie! :( The birds are covered & not a peep can be heard ([color:#990000]I love my birds’ voices, but isn’t there something nice about their silence when you know that they are cozy & sound asleep dreaming budgie dreams? :) [/color]). The clock on my kitchen wall [color:#990000]ticks[/color]. My heater [color:#990000]blows [/color](I mean it is blowing air, I don't have any complaints about it! :D ). Everything is still [color:#990000]dark[/color] (Just a little sunlight peeking in through he curtains!), I guess I’d better get up & get moving. :tired: It is nearly [color:#990000]time for work[/color]! [/b][/size] :tired:

Peace & Happiness