:grin: [size:14pt][b]Time for [color:#000099]“Show & Tell”[/color] (Without the “show”)! [/b][/size] :grin: :) [size:11pt][b] What [color:#000099][i]sounds[/i][/color] or [color:#000099][i]music[/i][/color] (Or combination of the two) are you listening to right now in the comfort (or discomfort! :crazy: ) of wherever you are at the moment? :blush: Share your [color:#000099]musical tastes[/color] here. :) :grin: Spread the [color:#000099]serenity[/color] and [color:#000099]peacefulness[/color] of your surrounding to others. :) Find [color:#000099]understanding[/color] and [color:#000099]compassion[/color] from others as you deal with squawks, screeches, screams, thuds, thwacks, dings, dongs, smashes, crashes & bashes! :o ___________________________________________________________[/b][/size] [size:14pt][b]I’ll get this started & I hope you’ll all want to [color:#000099]join in[/color]![/b][/size] :) :) [size:11pt][b]At the moment, I hear the “[color:#990000]pitter-patter[/color]” of rain on my balcony window and the happy “[color:#990000]peep-peeping[/color]” of my two budgies (Dango Chan & Popo Chan) as we listen to the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “[color:#990000]Stadium Arcadium[/color] (Mars CD).” :) I haven’t listened to this CD for a while, but I am in a R.H.C.P. sort of a mood right now! I love [color:#990000]John Frusciante’s [/color]guitar playing! :cool: This album has a lot of good, mellow, chillin’ tunes to listen to on this rainy day (With enough good [color:#990000]Flea[/color] bass grooves to shake away the blues!). [/b][/size] ;) [size:14pt][b]OK! [color:#000099]Your turn![/color] Don't be shy! [/b][/size] :D

Peace & Happiness