[size:14pt][b]Luv My Bird Said: [/b][/size] [quote] I try to sing along and pretend that I can sing words in Italian. [/quote] :D [size:11pt][b]Ha, ha! :D (Hey, was that you I was watching out of my side window?) :grin: I’ve always said that the best way to learn a foreign language is through [color:#990000]“music”[/color]. . . Or [color:#990000]“love”[/color]!! ;) :) Dango Chan is contentedly [color:#990000]grinding [/color]his beak. My computer [color:#990000]hums[/color] away. Soon it will be time to join the [color:#990000]snoozing[/color] person on my futon! [/b][/size] :blush:

Peace & Happiness