:blush: [size:11pt][b]It was a late day getting up (there was no “morning” for me today! It’s now about 12:52pm on a Friday afternoon, and the subversive tones of “[color:#990000]Black Flag[/color]” :cool: are slowly waking me up. The [color:#990000]soft sound [/color]of Popo Chan rubbing her head against a [color:#990000]plastic ladder [/color]in her cage (she isn’t molting, but it looks like it feels good!) :) . Dango Chan is [color:#990000]peeping[/color] and playing with a little hanging bell. . . "[color:#990000]Ding. . . Ding. . . Ding. . .[/color]" [/b][/size] :D

Peace & Happiness