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Start by reading the basics of Wine Markups at Restaurants to get a basic understanding of why ALL restaurants mark up food items :)

Here we are discussing a Ridge Monte Bello I bought (by accident) at a Morton's restaurant.

Ridge Montebello

What we wanted:
Ridge Zinfandel York Creek Spring Mountain
Restaurant cost: $80
Actual retail cost: $32
Markup: $48 / 150%

What we got:
Ridge Monte Bello
Restaurant cost: $249
Actual retail cost: $180
Markup: $69 / 38%

Seeing the difference in markup made me curious what the actual percentage markup was for more of their wines. To do my research, here is the full Zinfandel section of the list at Morton's. I re-sorted it in order by price to make it easier to scan. My prices are what I found on the web in July 2008 (the same month I went to Morton's and took the photos) so they should be at least close to matching.

WINE           THEIR COST         ACTUAL COST         MARKUP $        MARKUP %
Kunde                 $54                 $18              $56           311%
Girard                $63                 $29              $34           117%
St. Francis           $63                 $20              $43           215%
Kenwood Reserve       $67                 $25              $42           168%
Terra d'Oro Deaver    $73                 $25              $48           192%
Ridge York Creek      $80                 $32              $48           150%
Medusa Pig Pen        $87                 $35              $52           148%
Sin Zin magnum       $162                 $60             $112           186%

Markup percent is the ratio of the markup dollars over the actual cost. If they bought a wine for $20 and sold it for $40, that would be a markup of 100%. If they bought a wine for $20 and sold it for $20, that would be a markup of 0% (i.e. no markup on the original cost).

You can sort of "not count" the magnum because that is a huge bottle and not a normal thing to order. For the remaining zins, they are all in the under-$90 price range and their markups generally are in the 1-2 times as much range. You can see by the Monte Bello example that you get a much better bargain if you go up higher than this in price range.

Morton zinfandels

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