Locke Ober Restaurant - Boston MA

Here are food photos from the Locke Ober Restaurant, taken during the Chaine des Rotisseurs Holiday Gala 2009!

Locke Ober Restaurant

Cracked Crab..Tart Tangerine Souffle

Domaine Zind Humbrecht Pinot D'Alsace 2007
Everybody LOVED this dish. It had an amazine tangerine aroma even when the plate was first put in front of you. The texture was light and rich at the same time. The crab was delicious. This set the room raving and earned Chef Lydia a standing ovation. It paired very nicely with the wine.

Locke Ober Restaurant

Chick Pea Parpardelle Carbonara with Trumpet Royal & Crisped Quail Legs

Julienas - Domaine Du CLos Du Fief 2006 Michel TETE
Another delicious dish. The carbonara was simply perfect. Several people tried to eat the quail legs with a fork and knife until an announcement was made that the chef wanted us to pick them up with our hands. Another great wine pairing.

Locke Ober Restaurant

24K Golden Pheasant Broth

Lini910 Lambrusco Bianco - Emilia
There were a lot of jokes about the price of gold while eating this one. It was a lovely transition between the previous dish and the beef. Light but flavorful. People were very pleasantly surprised by the white Lambrusco, it was almost Champagne light with its gentle bubbles and lovely flavor.

Locke Ober Restaurant

Salt Broiled Wagyu of Beef Sirloin with Deep Fried Porcini Butter

Earles Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 Mendoza Argentina
Wagyu is like Kobe beef from Japan, an expensive hand-massaged style of meat. People were mixed about the amount of salt on this, which is of course a personal preference, not any comment about the chef. I found it too much for me but I'm sensitive to heavy salt. The wine was absolutely delicious.

Locke Ober Restaurant

Epoisses..Epoisses Ravioli & Spoon of Gorgonzola Dolce

Domaine Maume - Gevrey Chambertin 2006
I admit my favorite part of this dish was the $60 Burgundy which was incredible. I do like cheese but in this case two of the three were not to my style. Interestingly, around the table different people liked and disliked various cheeses (none matching each other) so again a demonstration of how we all have different taste buds. Putting out three different kinds let everyone have one they liked. Ah, but the wine ...

Locke Ober Restaurant

My Favorite Pavlova

Foris Vineyrds - Muscat Frizzante 2008
This crunchy sweet puff held a lemon cream inside it and was quite tasty. At least one person ate two (some people had to leave at this point, because of the late hour, leaving their desserts behind). The wine was deliciously sweet with a hint of sherry type flavor.

Locke Ober Restaurant

Chocolate Plate

Yes, the chocolate was adored :)

The meal from start to finish was delicious, and the wait staff was some of the best I'd ever seen in keeping water glasses filled, which is important to me. I think the only thing I noticed all evening long which struck me as not-100% was the plating, where several plates had smears of food on the edges. A minor note on an exceptional evening!

I should note that the evening began with a Champagne reception upstairs, with oysters, salmon, shrimp and other seafood. The shrimp was "served" in a gigantic ice boat which radiated cold. My hands were too full during this part of the evening to take any photos!

I paid for this event from my own funds; I was not provided free access or compensation for any part of it.

Locke Ober Restaurant Holiday Gala Review

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