Westport Rivers / Sel de la Terre 2004

I've been to Sel de la Terre for several wine dinners. They do a good job with them, although it can get rather crowded and noisy in here. Our tasting in Nov 2004 was with a favorite winemaker of mine, Bill Russell at Westport Rivers. Talk about the perfect match!

We began with the 2000 Westport Rivers Imperial Sec, a sparkling riesling. This paired with a pear and apple flan with hazelnut praline. The gentle fruity and light bubbles of the sparkling wine went well with the flan, which was also fresh and mild.

The 2002 Westport Rivers Pinot Blanc paired up with sauteed scallops with bacon lardons, braised escarole and nutmeg-scented sweet potato puree. This wine was fruity and juicy, light and fresh. Again the pairing was quite nice, as the dish was smooth with gentle flavors.

The main course was a blanquette of veal with "autumn root vegetables" - pairing with the 2002 chardonnay. We didn't find this a great combination. The wine was acidic and fresh while the meal was on the heavy side.

For cheese we had the 1999 Cuvee RJR brut sparkling wine, a light, fruity gentle sparkler that was great on its own, but the cheese was a bit strong /heavy for it.

I love Westport's wines, and while I appreciated the quality of the food here, it wasn't always a dead-on flavor combination to be appreciated.

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