Sutton Massachusetts Wine Tasting 2004

The Blackstone National Golf Course in Sutton, Massachusetts was the location for a wine tasting in October 2004. The tasting offered many locals the opportunity to sample interesting wines, and to expand their knowledge of what wines they did and did not enjoy. The best way to learn about wine is to go out and taste a collection!

The event offered a number of cheeses, as well as a vegetable assortment, meatballs, and spinach pastry. If you're doing a wine tasting, be sure to avoid the cheese and heavy foods until you've tasted the wine - it affects your ability to taste the wine's natural flavors. You can always re-try the wines afterwards with the food, to see how well they pair!

Here are my notes on the wines I tried. Remember - your own thoughts can certainly be different! Each of us has our own taste buds, our own likes and dislikes.

Maso Canali 2000 Pinot Grigio

- $17.00
Maso Canali is the higher end wine by Ecco Domani, from Italy. This wine is juicy and light, with gentle caramel flavors. Nicely balanced with a nice finish.

2001 Domaines Schlumberger "Prince Abbes" Riesling

- $17.99
Lovely tangerine and fresh citrus flavors with a juicy balance. The long finish adds a hint of cream. A French winery.

Green Point Yara Valley 2002 Chardonnay

- $23.99
Gentle pear, nectarine, apple flavors with a lovely finish as well. Green Point is a new Australian winery started by Moet.

Chateau Ste. Michelle Indian Wells 2002 Chardonnay

- $18.99
Fresh and light, with citrus and cream flavors, plus a gentle spark of lemon zest. Nice finish. CSM is a Washington Winery.

Urziger Wurzgarten Riesling Spatlese 2003

- $13.49
Light, juicy wine with sparkling peach flavors. Medium finish. Wurzgarten is German for spicegarden.

Changala 2002 Viognier

- $14.99
Santa Barbara grapes - has a sweetish "sour candy" flavor to it, but otherwise subdued with a hint of earthiness.

Toso 2003 Sauvignon Blanc

- $11.49
Smooth, bright and crisp, with flavors of spice and gentle citrus. Nice finish. From Argentina.

Sebastiani 2002 Pinot Noir

- $12.99
Nice and fruity nose, cherry and vanilla flavors. The flavor is a bit too dark, not enough fruit. Sebastiani is in California.

Sebastiani 2000 Cabernet Sauvignon

- $14.99
Black cherry, plum, gentle tannins, nice, smooth and light.

Sebastiani 2001 Alexander Valley Merlot

- $24.99
Very nice, rich, full tannins, good spice and earth flavors with long, nice finish. Can age for a while. The wine is 22% Cabernet.

Villa Petriolo 2002 Chianti

- $13.99
Gentle and light, with a mild, fruity wine that borders on sweet. Hints of spice.

Sutton Cellars 2002 Merlot

- $11.99
Nice, lush peppery flavors with nice mouthfeel and gentle spice. Fresh and open flavors. Nice finish. Quite a nice wine for the price.

Castle Rock Pinot Noir 2002

- $12.99
Nicely balanced with gentle flavors, short finish. Good value for the price.

2001 Franciscan Cabernet Sauvignon

- $24.99
Rich and leathery with solid tannins and a bit of oak. Gentle fruit on the finish. Could age a while.

Ravenswood 2001 Icon

- $19.99
This Chateauneuf du Pape blend has nice, gentle fruit flavors with butterscotch and spicy hints. A bit of fizz on the body, and a gentle finish.

Green Point 2002 Shiraz

- $25.99
Smooth, gentle flavors of vanilla and black cherry with hints of black pepper, gentle finish.

Solairs 2001 Napa Valley Merlot

- $16.99
Nice aroma, very smooth, gentle fruit and spice including blueberry. Nice, creamy finish.

Solaris 2001 Napa Valley Cabernet

- $16.99
Light and gentle, with a bit of pepper and black cherry. Mild tannins and a gentle finish.

Solaris 2003 Carneros Pinot Noir

- $12.99
Tasty and fruity, no flavors overwhelm. Not complex, but "mostly harmless".

Chateau Ste Michelle Indian Wells 2002 Merlot

- $18.99
Smooth, light and gentle, with black raspberry and peppery spice flavors. Medium finish.

El Coto Rioja 2001 Crianza

- $11.99
Nice pepper berry flavors with spicy body and raspberry hints. Gentle finish.

Sensi Chianti Reserva 2001

- $12.99
Nice and smooth, with gentle spice, plum and green leaf flavors. Nice finish.

Sensi 2000 Testardo

- $21.99
Medium tannins, nice full spice with red fruit flavors. Nice finish.

Domaine de la Renjarde 2001 Cotes du Rhone Villages

- $15.99
Gentle sipping wine, bright spice and herb flavors, a bit like Chartreuse in the blend.

2001 Nardone Baker Shiraz

- $9.99
Pepper and spice flavors, bright body with a light finish. From South Eastern Australia.

Changala Synergy 2001

- $14.99
Blend of 70% Cabernet, 20% Syrah, 10% Zinfandel. Spicy, fruity, juicy and still gentle - nice long flavor with great combination of tastes.

Tobin James 2001 "Made in the Shade" Merlot

- $16.99
Spicy, light and fresh, jammy plum flavors. Easy drinking. From Paso Robles, CA.

Victor Hugo 2000 Syrah

- $19.99
Very gentle, mild, easy drinking with rose and blueberry flavors.

Gloria Ferrer Carneros 2001 Pinot Noir

- $21.99
Fruit and oak, spices and strawberry flavors. Pleasantly balanced.

Gloria Ferrer 2000 Merlot

- $19.99
Spicy, smooth gentle flavors of blackberry and cherry. Nice finish.

Montes Alpha 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon

- $22.49
Lovely spicy, plum, cassis flavors with a great mouth feel and long finish. From Chile.

Cline Ancient Vines 2002 Zinfandel

- $14.99
Spicy, fresh and lovely, with plum flavors and gentle tannins. Very nice and easy drinking. Perhaps not enough heavy fruit / tobacco for a true Zin fan. From Sonoma, CA.

Cline Ancient Vines 2002 Mouvedre

- $14.99
Red berry, plum, *chocolate* flavors, lovely. Fruity and light.

Quady 2002 "Essencia" Orange Muscat

- $14.99
Lovely dessert wine with rich orange flavors with a hint of spice. Perfect for chocolate. From California.

Marie Brizard Raspberry Liqueur

Medium thick raspberry flavor, with syrupy body. Great to add to martinis and mimosas. Italian.

Cask & Cream Liqueur

The base version of the E&J Cask & Cream liqueur is much like Baileys, but with a bit of spicey flavor to it.

Perhaps my only complaint with this event is that a clueless person put citronella candles right by some of the tasting tables, making it nearly impossible to taste those wines. Word to the wise - candle scents are BAD at a wine event!

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