Nantucket Wine Festival 2004

The 2004 Nantucket Wine Festival was bigger and better than ever before. Held under a large, white tent on Jetties Beach, there were cooking demos from Todd English, wines from around the world, and a great time for all! Now in its 8th year, the Nantucket Wine Festival has grown from a small gathering out at the end of the island to a giant tent-covered extravaganza bringing in some of the finest names in wine. The location is gorgeous, on the island made famous by Moby Dick. The grey shingled houses and the quiet, cobblestone streets are the perfect backdrop for strolling around a wine festival and soaking in the atmosphere. Other festivals pack people in like sardines, in loud situations where you can barely hear the name of the wine, never mind details about the wine's background.

At the Nantucket Wine Festival, the winemakers are pouring their own wines, and the aisles are far from packed. You are free to sit and talk personally with the winemakers, learning how they make their wines and what makes their creations different from other wines. There are Chardonnays and Cabernets, Ice Wines and Bordeauxs, everything from an Oregon Pinot Noir to dessert wines based on Crimean recipes from the 1500s. In addition, there was a wide selection of food - from smoked almonds to hand-crafted chocolates, from traditional clam chowder to a variety of cheeses. Our favorite of all, Pi Pizza, was present and was the most popular offering of the day. The Viking Cooking Station was running non-stop with luminaries such as Todd English performing live. People watched eagerly as the dishes were created, and then savored the results as the dishes were passed around. In addition to the main tasting, there were also numerous seminars, dinners, lunches, and other events. There was something for everyone! This is always my favorite festival of the year, the ideal of how a great wine festival can be.

Champagnes at Nantucket
Food at Nantucket

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