Gevrey Chambertin Burgundy Wine Tasting 2004

It seems that fall is the time for tasting Burgundy and Pinot Noir - I've ended up at three dinners and tastings in less than a month! The tasting I went to on Nov 15th was sponsored by Spiritus and held at Pastis, a French themed restaurant in Hartford, CT.

Nate Chamberalin from the Spiritus wine shop hosted the event along with Carole Decouard-O'Connor from Robert Kacher Selections.

2002 Meursault, Domaine Joseph Matrot

We began with a village Meursault - a Chardonnay wine. This was served in a thin Champagne flute - Nate went around to the tables to apologize for this. The wine was light with a medium mouth feel, and while it had a gentle apple flavor, once we had the supplied apples in the fruit-and-cheese plate the wine became very tart tasting. A few pieces of cheese mellowed it back down again.

Nate talked about the wines for the evening, that they came from "the tenderloin and the middle of the slope - offering good weather and good soil". These are some of the best areas in Burgundy for grape growing. In addition, he explained that 2002 was a great year for Burgundy. He commented, "some say 2002 is as good or better than '96, and some say this is the best vintage since '90."

Nate also let us know that one of the last bottles of wine - the 2002 Gevrey Chambertin 'Lavaux Saint Jacques' ($215/bottle) was corked. This meant that instead of Connecticut having 12 bottles for the entire state, there were now only 11. It just goes to show how disastrous corking can be!

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