Newport Wine Expo 2002 Review

A Fun Wine Event

The weather was simply beautiful for the 2002 Newport Wine Festival's Grand Tasting, held on the docks by the Newport Hotel and Marina. Gorgeous motorboats and sailboats lined the docks behind the winemakers, including one from the America's Cup and a few massive yachts. It was just about all you could ask for in a wine tasting event. It was held in a beautiful location, offered enough wines to try in the 4 hours without being overwhelming, certainly easy to get to, and when you were done you were in the heart of delicious restaurants and interesting stores.

It seemed that this event drew in wines with interesting labels and even more interesting names. The first wines we tried were from Folie a Deux, a Sonoma California winery. The Menage a Trois was a huge hit with all of the festival goers. This blend of Chardonnay, Riesling and Muscat was bright and fruity, with a crisp, citrus flavor. A great summer wine. We hung out here at the end of the day, as the table was the last one at the end of the dock, and many, many visitors came back for this wine in particular when they were done with their general tasting. It also provided the perfect boat-watching spot, and an amused crowd formed at one point when a New York sailboat was inexpertly brought into dock, nearly smashing into each boat it passed.

Folie a Deux also makes a Zinfandel. Their 99 was light, spicy, fresh and peppery, just perfect for summer burger and pizza parties.

Rodney Strong had a table going, and we stopped by for their Sauv Blanc and Chardonnay. Rodney Strong is pretty common in stores, and I used to work for a 'Rodney' who was strong, so I always smile when I see the bottles. The Sauv Blanc was light and grassy, while the Chardonnay was more citrus and vanilla with an oaky hint to it.

On to Kahn Wines

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