Boston Wine Expo 2002 - Saturday

One of the most educational wine events I attend each year is the Boston Wine Expo, held at the beginning of each year at the World Trade Center in Boston, Massachusetts. This event is huge, drawing hundreds of wineries and hosting many fascinating seminars for two days. This year the Boston Wine Expo ran February 2-3, and the weather was gorgeous. While this was good for driving, it meant that the expo itself was


with thirsty guests, all out to get their full money's worth.

This is the time to select carefully what you really want, and to persue your favorites early.

Here are the pages of notes and photos from the weekend. Remember, these are only my personal tastes! Something I love, you may not enjoy. Something I'm not fond of might be your favorite! The only way you can determine what you personally like is to try it for yourself. Why not come out to the Boston Expo next year, or one of the many other expos that will be happening in the coming months? The more you try, the more you know what you like!


Champagnes & Sparkling Wines
New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs
Chef Ming Tsai cooks Beef & Shitake Stew
Stonington Vineyards, a Local Favorite
Anapamu in Monterey CA
Amity from Oregon
The Ports


Wines from South Africa
South African Chardonnays
Chauteauneuf du Pape
Sean Doucet cooks Striped Bass
Sparkling Shiraz
Sake and New York Wines
Muscatel, Amontillado, and Trockenbeerenauslese

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