Boston Wine Expo 2001

The Boston Wine Expo is HUGE and needs a plan to attack. You can't just drink everything there! Take a notebook, and map out the wines you want to taste. Start with sparkling, then try whites, then reds, and finally any ports, sweet or fortified wines. That gives your taste buds the best possible chance to appreciate each set of flavors. Also drink a lot of water!

Of course when we did this expo tasting, we went for the dessert wines first :)


Deco Dessert Wines
Newport Rivers and Robin Garr
DeLoach Winery and Firemen
Zonin Winery from Italy
Bridgeview Wines from Oregon
Porto Barros Wines
Winegard NY
South African Wines
Pommery Pop
Vineyard Brands
Sake & Sushi
Sake & Sushi Tastings
The Sake & Sushi from Japan


Cain 5 Vertical Tasting

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