Wine Stain Removal

If there's one thing that every wine drinker experiences over the years, it's spilling wine. You knock over bottles, you knock over glasses, wine ends up all over the place. White wine isn't bad - it doesn't really stain. But red wine is full of dark colors and tannins and can leave a really nasty stain. How do you get rid of it?

* Commercial Wine Stain Remover
There are many of these on the market, and it's worth having one around just in case. Of course, you usually only learn this after the first 8 or 9 spills happen. If you don't have one of the commercial options available, there is still hope.

* Boiling Water
When a wine stain has just happened, the liquid hasn't set into the fabric yet. If it's clothing, then stretch it out over a pan and then pour boiling water through it. The stain should wash right out. If it's something like a rug, you can't usually pour water THROUGH it. Instead, take a washcloth and blot at the stain - rinsing the washcloth often.

* White Wine
For a dried stain, white wine will help to bleach out the red color. Baking soda will also soak out the color if you lay on a paste.

* Detergent and Hot Water
A variant on the hot water theory, mix a bit of dishwashing detergent into hot water. Again, blot gently at the stain - your aim is to pick out the red bits and then clean the sponge before getting more, vs mashing the red color deeper into the carpet.

Note that there is also a type of birthmark called a "Port Wine Stain" which is called that because of its color - it has nothing to do with wine consumption. They're usually found on the face and lasers are typically used to destroy the blood vessels involved.

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