Wine Grapevine Cork Heart Wreath Instructions

You've probably seen these style of wreaths in wine shops, wineries and of course in wine lovers' homes. It is a grapevine style of wreath, decorated with corks and grape leaves and grapes. In this case I made it with a 12" heart-shaped Grapevine wreath base, which I got at my local craft store. You can find these "wreath base" circles in pretty much any craft store. They also sell artificial grape leaves and artificial (plastic) grapes for the decoration.

This is the perfect gift for a loved one, and of course for anybody who loves wine!

So start with a Grapevine heart wreath base, a pile of corks, and the leaf / grape decorations. Grab corks from just one wine region, or go for a world wide theme!

Wine Grapevine Cork Heart Wreath

The ideal glue to use here is a hot melt glue, because it sets VERY quickly and is very sturdy. However, I tend to burn myself when I use that stuff, and my boyfriend wasn't available for this round :) So I used my second choice, which is Elmer's ultimate glue. This stuff expands which is very helpful. It takes longer to set, though, so it means you need to position the corks into places they can "rest" while the glue solidifies.

Start placing the corks strategically around the wreath. You want the winery name to be visible, and if you have duplicates you want to keep the duplicates apart from each other.

For the leaves and grapes, get some string or thin wire to connect those in place. That way they stay where you put them.

Wine Grapevine Cork Heart Wreath

Keep filling in the corks until you have the wreath fairly well covered. Then allow it to sit overnight, so the glue settles. If any of the corks are loose, now is the time to add in some extra glue to help them solidify. Enjoy!

Perfect for gift giving, wall decorations, and you can even sell them at craft fairs for some extra money.

Wine Grapevine Cork Heart Wreath

Note that after this photo was taken, I enlisted my boyfriend and his hot melt glue to get a cork to stick in the "open spot" that was tricky for me with the Elmer's glue :)

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