Wine Cork Bead Wreath Instructions

This gorgeous wreath is made of wine corks and wooden beads. It is fairly easy to make, and is perfect for home decor and for gift giving. By changing the colors of the beads you can make it perfect for the Fourth of July, for Christmas, for springtime, or any other theme you wish!

Wine Cork Bead Wreath

To start with you need about 16 corks all about the same height, a matching number of wooden beads, some wire, some wire snips, and a drill.

Lay out your corks and beads to make sure they create the effect you want before you begin.

Wine Cork Bead Wreath

Start out with the drill, using a 7/64ths bit. Drill two holes into each cork - one for the top wire which goes through the bead as well, and one for the bottom wire. You'll want to get a ruler to make sure these holes are on the same spot on each cork, so that everything lines up.

Next, you work on the beads. You can leave them natural colored, or color them with a magic marker or paint, or sparkle them. It is completely up to you what color or colors you leave, if you leave them in a natural confguration. Here are some different experiments I did to determine what to go with for my wreath. I settled on one of my red markers.

Wine Cork Bead Wreath

I found it easiest to mark up my beads by putting them on a toothpick, so I could get to all sides without getting my fingers red. So next you see that I've painted all my beads and am ready to start assembling my wreath.

Wine Cork Bead Wreath

On to Step 2 - asembling my Wine Cork Bead Wreath

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