Wine Cork Trivet Instructions

I have many different versions of my wine cork trivet instructions online. This set is done with wood glue. Going into this trial, I thought this would be one of the best glues, since we are in fact working with wood and bark.

Wine Cork Trivet

For this set, I went with the smaller wooden rectangle that my darling boyfriend has cut out for me. This one is the 3 5/8" by 5 1/2" size. He cut them out of a quarter-inch hardwood. In addition to that I have the wood glue, and a piece of felt from the local craft store. They come in 9" x 12" sizes which I had to cut down to 8" by 9" to fit the board..

For the corks, I chose to go with an "Sharpe Hill" winery theme. This Connecticut winery makes a delicious cabernet franc that I'm very fond of.

Now it's time for Step 2 - Wine Cork Trivet Instructions.

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