Wine Cork Trivet Kit

I ordered two sets of this wine cork trivet kit from IWA, but I'm sure you can get it from many places. It shows up in a plain white box, and what you get is simply the frame, some glue, and a piece of sandpaper. The dots are its glue-on "feet". You do NOT get corks although I show them in this photo for a sense of scale.

Now, the problem is in the size they used. If you read the basics page, you learn that a cork is 3/4" across and around 2" long. So if you have a pair of corks side by side, they don't make a square. They make a rectangle. You have to have a trivet shape that accounts for those rectangles. Unfortunately, this trivet is NOT an even multiple of cork sizes. You end up with an odd number of corks to fill the space, and even then you have to squish them in.

See how on the right side there's an extra column of "single corks"? The corks fit very tightly left-right to the point of corks popping out when you put new ones in ... but top-bottom they are very loose with lots of gaps.

The sandpaper they give you is completely useless :) They say you can "sand down" corks to make them fit and I did try it out of curiosity. It would take you a LONG time to do this, if you even could. I bet the sandpaper would wear through before you made a difference to the cork :)

The trivet idea is a GREAT idea of course, but if you make your own you can make the dimensions properly. This one just isn't set up with the proper dimensions to work well.

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