Wine Cork Trivet Instructions

Wine cork trivets are a classic use of extra wine corks. You don't need very many to make a trivet, and they are both practical and lovely. You put together a simple wooden frame, set against a thin backing. Remember that corks are typically 3/4" wide by 1 1/2 - 2" long - so make the inside of the trivet in multiples of those numbers. 12" x 12" works well, for example.

Now just glue the corks in place, in a cross pattern. When the corks have dried, put small fabric dots on the four corners of the trivet, to help protect your table against scratches.

Alternately, for an even more simple wine cork trivet, simply wrap felt around a wooden rectangle. Glue the corks on top, and voila, you are done!

Wine Cork Trivet

I have TONS of instructions on this site for making a variety of trivet styles, using different glues, different fabrics, and so on. You can makes these trivets for yourself, or for others as gifts! Follow the link below to get a full listing of all my instructions. Enjoy!

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