Wine Cork Heart Wreath Instructions

What better way to show your love for wine than with this darling heart shaped wreath, made out of wine corks! Here are step by step instructions on how to create one.

Wine Cork Heart WreathFirst, you need to gather up enough corks to form the size heart wreath you want to make. If you're an enthusiastic wine drinker this shouldn't be much of a problem! Otherwise try asking at local wineries and craft stores to get your hands on them. Friends might be willing to save them up for you as well.

Once you have the wine corks, you need the foam, wire, or wicker frame to serve as your base. Again, most craft stores will sell these forms already set up in a heart shape. I find foam forms work best, but feel free to experiment with what you have available.

Now comes the construction part. Work cork by cork, thoroughly coating the base of each cork with glue. I've experimented with a variety of glues in my cork trivet pages, and different glues have different good and bad attributes. For example I love hot-melt glue but it's also tricky to work with that without burning yourself :). So you can use hot melt if you're comfortable with it, or a good epoxy if you'd rather not risk the heat.

Whatever glue you use, the key is to thoroughly coat the cork bottom and then press it firmly into the form. Have microfiber towels on hand to serve as "clamps" to hold the corks in place as they dry. By using towels you can drape them exactly where you need the pressure.

It's good to work in stages over a series of days to get each section of corks to dry before working on the next one. That way you don't risk the entire thing getting knocked and displaced.

Add on some plastic grapes and vine for decoration, and you're set!

This cork heart wreath was seen at the Lenz Winery in Long Island, New York.

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