Some books are meant to be read, and others are meant to be used. This one definitely falls into the second category. Spiral bound, this falls neatly open to whichever wine recipe you are currently working on. There are recipes for apricot wine, kiwi fruit wine, ruby port, sparkling wine, and everything in between.

Winemaking There are also photos and descriptions of winemaking equipment, explanations of how to fortify wine, troubleshooting techniques, and much more.

True, not all ingredients are readily available everywhere. Many recipes require trial and error before they become perfect for your palate. That's the same for any recipe, though. Find out what raw materials you have available, open the book to the recipes which match your fruits, and have at it. You'll find that using this book as a springboard, you'll soon be amazing your friends and pleasing your palate with a product made right in your own basement.

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Author: Stanley F. Anderson, Dorothy Anderson

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