A History of Cider

Cider is a relative of wine, with almost as ancient a history. Cider was common in England back before Christ, where apple trees were worshipped as sacred.

Cider always had alcohol in it. Especially in New England, cider was an immensely popular drink with the pilgrims and was drunk at meals by everyone, including children. Even clergymen, while denouncing 'harder spirits', would drink cider as a matter of course.

In those days cider was not sweet, because there was no refrigeration. Now that modern technology makes it easy to keep liquids cool, sweet cider is a very popular beverage. Modern langugae has also evolved so that 'cider' often means non-alcoholic, while 'hard cider' means the stuff with alcohol.

Remember when buying Cider that There is a risk of E. Coli when purchasing it unpasteurized, so be cautious where you choose to purchase it.

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