Washington DC Wine Expo 2000

The DC Wine Expo is only in its second year, but by the throngs of people in attendance it will be here for years to come. This year it arrived on March 3-4th, starting with gorgeous summer-like weather and ending in an approaching blizzard. Despite the weather, every room was full and every table occupied.

There were three key areas hosting wineries in the Ronald Reagan International Building. The central atrium held the US wines, featuring New York and Virginia prominantly. To the left were the old world wines - France, Italy, Spain and Portugal. The right held the New World wines - South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Seminars were off in smaller rooms, and food was scattered amongst the stations.

The Gold Girls of Maestro Wines

We had a blast on both days, enjoying the wines, tasting the cheese, talking to the winemakers and listening to the experts. Read on to learn some of what a wine expo is like!

First Stop: The Sopexa Table