They spend money on a second restoration of the 1937 version of a star is born. Since 2019 on the wonderful world of brothers Grimm, but,not one cent back in 2020 to restore the 1929 90 percent two color technicolor Mysterious Island. They were willing to fix Dr X and mystery of the wax museum ,but ,not latter.Since 2013 the half technicolor classic has been chemically restored.Why didn't they use the archive material? They stated that they knew about the restored version .Then they claim that the availability was theoretical. Boy they lie . They legally own the movie ,but ,did not want to restore it.Why? they sell classic films on Blu ray and DVD strictly for profit,rather than serving all diverse classic film fans in which profit was a means to an end.It is obvious that they might of felt that that it would not draw enough audience . This is selfishness and greed. What happen if the film deceive felt that way about dancing pirate? Kino Lorber, lights of old Broadway? What about mamba? That is going to be released min may and probably make profit I'm. The long run.if Time Warner owned this films ,we probably would not see them.Corporate selfishness and greed.