Ok so I got my first budgie (named Blue- Blue with a white face) 3 months ago and we got another (named Tinker- greyish blue with a yellow face) 1 month ago, now Blue was easy to get out with a perch and loved being out, but always sit on our curtain rail and tends to peck the ceiling and/or wall. And then when we got tinker, the extra cage we had was way too small for it, and as we had Blue out of the cage when we brought Tinker in, Blue jumped on the cage and seemed to like Tinker straight away, so we put Tinker and Blue into the same cage and they got on great and still do. Since we've been letting them out of the cage together Blue has been teaching Tinker to do the same, also Blue always came to our hands of we had seed but they both run or fly away from us when we try.

Sorry if it's too long but I want you to understand completely, I want help to stop the habit of pecking the ceiling and walls and have them come to my hand