hi, I'm currently living in Chile with someone who breeds canarys for competitions. recently he has started breeding a few parakeets (I'm not sure of the name of the species in english, they are called inseperables in spanish) and we have one female that is a problem. in the past we have put a male with her before, and it died. we were not sure what could have caused it at the time, but about 2 months ago we put two new birds into the cage without knowing the genders, about 2 days later the male was dead. killed by one of the others(we thought maybe the other bird was another male and killed him to have the female to himself, but we checked the other day and the other bird was also female). then 2 days ago we put another male with her and today he was also killed. so we now know 100% that she is the one killing them. please help. what can we do??