Hi. I had one female budgie (Sapphire) who will go on my finger to be taken out of the cage and put on her perch, and goes on my finger for me to put her back in her cage at night.
I decided to get her a couple of companions as I'm away sometimes working. I got a male (Smoke) and female (Ashtanga). Smoke and Ashtanga were raised being hand fed and Sapphire caught on to that quickly, which is great!
Smoke will go on my finger for me to put him in and out of the cage but Ashtanga will not, even thought she eats from my hand. She flew out this morning and I had to chase her around a little to get her to put her back in the cage and worried that that may have traumatized her (I caught her with my hand and she was biting me when I put her back in the cage), but was able to hand feed her right away which I thought would help south her in case she had become fearful of my hand when chasing her to put her back in the cage.
I am wondering what is the best way for me to get her used to going onto my finger? I'm afraid she'll be cage bound if she won't and I want her to be able to fly around the room sometimes and sit with the others when they're out, but I need to be able to get her back in the cage without scaring the bejeezus out of her.
I guess I'm wondering what's the best approach to finger train her when the other two birds are obviously at a higher level of trust than Ashtanga and it's messing with our happy routine. I've only had Smoke and Ashtanga for a week. Sapphire I've had for a year and a half. I'm probably way too eager and just need to be patient, it's only the second time that the new birds have been out on the perch.
Any advice appreciated. Thanks.