I just lost my two parakeets and I can't stop crying. In the same day it all happened and I'm in shock and grief. And I feel so responsible, like I killed them or somehow let it happen.
Friday morning I noticed a funny sound from the birds chirps (even my dog lifted his head in worry), I went to look and the male was trying to mate with the female (Not the first time. She even had a clutch of eggs once, when I accidentally put a birdhouse on their room; they didn't hatch.). But then I saw she had a big red bulge from her rear and then I saw it was an egg. She couldn't move and normally is the more skittish one. It was mostly out, but stuck and dried. So I got their mister bottle of water and held her in my hand and tried to help it unstick. I wasn't sure if the thin film attached to half the egg was part of her or not, but the egg wasn't budging. So it probably was the wrong thing to do, but under the pressure I broke open the tip of the egg. Sure enough it came out and the film material stayed behind. I was sure all the egg was out.. I kept her locked up away from the male and looked online for what to do. I then realized how serious it was and rushed her to the avian vet. They said 50/50 chance, $200 if she dies and $400 if she lives. We said yes, please save her. They called back in 6 hours and said she passed away.
Meantime at home the male bird is desperately looking for her. They have a room they can usually fly free in and he never comes out. We live in CA and I opened his screened window in their room. But I also opened our door walls to the patio from the living room (he never comes out here and his room door was left open. We just got the phone call and I was crying with my 11 year old when she says, "Where's Huggy?", as his chirping stopped. That's when the horror hit us that he flew out the door! We went looking and I found him in a tree a block away. I tried calling him down and yelled for my husband to bring the cage. I think all the excitement caused him to fly away. We chased him from tree to tree, even cutting right through a strangers house! It was getting dusk and we lost track of him. I'm so heartbroken.
I Spent the whole next day looking for him and calling, to no avail. I put his cage on the roof of our house, but of course he will not come. I know he is gone and I know it was very irresponsible of me.
We had them for six years or so. Even flying on a plane with us from NY to CA a few years ago. I loved them very much.
RIP Fuzzy, and may the luck be with you Huggy.

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