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Wine, Carbohydrates, and the Atkins Diet

I have run a low carb website for over 15 years now. When I started the Atkins / low carb diet, and one of the biggest hurdles I had to face is the initial 2-week induction period which says NO ALCOHOL and only 20g of carbohydrates a day. I could deal with the low carbs … but no wine? This was a pretty large sacrifice for me, but I figured I could get through it for the sake of a healthier body shape.

Here’s the details you need to know about wine, carbohydrates, and sugars.

Lisa Shea

All 20,000+ pages & images on this WineIntro site were written and created by me - site owner and author Lisa Shea. I've been writing about wine online since 1998 and created WineIntro in 2004. Please join me in the fun, relaxing, enjoyable world of wine!

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