Champagne Cork Reindeer Instructions

You can make this cork reindeer with a Champagne cork head or a regular head, it's completely up to you! We chose to make ours with a Champagne cork head.

Champagne Cork Reindeer Instructions

You need:

2 corks, one a Champagne cork if you wish
7 toothpicks
2 googly eyes (or a marker to draw them on)
1 red pom pom nose (or a marker to draw one on)
A red ribbon (optional)

In general corks should be soft enough that you can just stab them into the cork. If you have a very stiff cork that you cannot get a toothpick into, a drill bit at about a 1/16th or 3/64th size to make a starter hole for the toothpick to go into.

Start with the four legs. Put those into the body, two in front, two in back. If they don't balance exactly you can either stick the longer ones in a bit more or trim off the foot end.

Champagne Cork Reindeer Instructions

Next, work on the head. Glue on the two googly eyes and the nose if you have them. Otherwise draw them on with a marker. Put in two toothpicks for the antlers.

Now for the tricky part - the neck. This might be where you need the drill to help out. Cut a toothpick so only the fat middle part remains and use that for the neck. Connect the head and body together with it. Add a bow on to the front of the body.

Champagne Cork Reindeer Instructions

Voila! A gorgeous reindeer! We lucked out and found a cork that said "hand crafted" on it - but you can use any corks you want!

Champagne Cork Reindeer Instructions

Make up eight of them, and you'll have a set for Santa!

Here's a photo gallery of a Cork Reindeer made with an "Angus" cork!

Cork Reindeer Photo Gallery

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