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Raising parakeet chicks is a full-time effort. And just because a female keet lays eggs doesn't mean at all they're fertilized. It could simply be she was in an egg laying mood because what is going on. Female keets lay eggs for all sorts of reasons.

The first step is to make sure you have these keets fully checked out by a vet - the females need to be healthy enough to be laying eggs and raising chicks. Are they getting a complete diet including greens, protein, and so on? They need that nutrition to properly care for themselves.

Next up, do you have all the equipment set up to handle the chicks? You need to prepare for that now - before the eggs start hatching.

Having food available for a keet mom is critical no matter what the father is or is not doing. You have the ultimate responsibility and you can never rely on the male keet to do anything.

Start there! And good luck!

Lisa Shea, Owner