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Fish Eye Chardonnay Box White

Fish Eye Chardonnay Box White

Studies show that fewer people are drinking wine in modern times, much of it due to the hassle of managing a bottle. You can’t just grab a glass of wine. You have to open an entire bottle, find the right glass, and then deal with the leftovers.

I have become a strong proponent of box wine for those casual grab-a-glass-while-writing situations. Situations where I’m not really thinking about the intricate flavors of the wine. I just want something to drink to go with my cheese, while I work on my novel.

Every wine has its use and situation it’s good in. Box wine is inexpensive, reasonably tasty, and it doesn’t go downhill after being opened. The inner vacuum bag allows the remaining wine to stay fresh and tasty even days later. That’s a big plus.

I like the acidity in this wine. The freshness to it. Maybe a tart orange flavor. It goes well against the cheese. It doesn’t get lost.

The glass here is from one of the earliest days of the Nantucket Wine Festival. I love thinking about how much I adore Nantucket, while I drink the wine. Heck, this glass is from the early days where they let you keep your glass after the festival was over! It was an included souvenir. Now, of course, they take all the glasses away from you :).

The two lit-up bottles in this photo are ones I made using Greek Retsina bottles I got from a local Greek restaurant I adore. They sell these buy-the-bottles wine quite inexpensively and plus you get to take the bottle home. A win-win! Now I’m hungry for Greek food, even typing that :).

Do you drink box wine? Which ones do you like? Let me know!

Fish Eye Chardonnay Box White

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