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New York

There are a wealth of wineries located in the various regions of New York. Each region is located near water, which helps to provide a temperate climate and good grape-growing weather. I hope you enjoy my travelogues and photos!

Hudson Valley

The Hudson Valley lies along the eastern side of New York, against the Connecticut border. The Hudson River leads down to New York City and was the scene for many Revolutionary War battles. Nowadays, grape vines coat the slopes of the river valley.
Hudson Valley Winery Listing

Long Island

Long Island is to the south east of New York, very close to New York City. This famous island was the scene for the Great Gatesby and is thought of as the playground for millionaires. Many of the old potato farms on this island are now famous wineries.
Long Island Winery Listing

Finger Lakes

The Finger Lakes are in the northwest part of New York State, and are a series of long, thin lakes shaped like fingers. Many wineries cluster around these waters.
Finger Lakes Winery Listing

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