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Niagara Ontario Wineries are world famous for their cabernet franc, late harvest and ice wine. Located at the same latitude as Northern California and central France, they are perfectly situated for fine wine growing. In the map of Canada below, you can see the Niagara region in blue on the right, nestled between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie.

Canadian Wineries

Here are full reviews of Niagara area wineries I have visited over the years, along with photos! Enjoy.

Henry of Pelham Winery Henry of Pelham Winery
We love Henry of Pelham. This family run winery is incredibly friendly and has excellent ice wine and baco noir. If you go to other wineries in Niagara and ask them about baco noir, they'll all tell you to go to Henry of Pelham!

Hillebrand Winery Hillebrand Winery
Hillebrand is a winery you definitely need to visit. The wines are fantastic. The restaurant's selections are delicious. The service is friendly and welcoming. As if that was not enough, they have a wide selection of fun events to entertain you each time you return!

Inniskillin Winery Inniskillin Winery
Inniskillin was the very first in a new generation of high quality wineries to come into the Niagara region in the early 1970s. They are known for their fantastic icewines and for their constant innovation.

Konzelmann Winery Konzelmann Winery
Konzelmann offers a nice selection of wine styles, including the ice wine for which the Niagara area is justly famous.

Cut Above Steakhouse A Cut Above Steakhouse
Located in the Sheraton Fallsview hotel directly above Niagara Falls, this is definitely a restaurant with a view! They also boast having high quality Angus steak on the menu.

Days Inn - Jordan Station

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