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Flag Hill Winery
Lee, New Hampshire

On our way home from motorcycling up Mount Washington in New Hampshire, we were given a route that took us right past the Flag Hill Winery. Not having had the chance to visit this winery before, we eagerly swung by to visit and see what they had to offer.

The winery is set alongside a gorgeous, winding road in farmland and forests, and the aged building is surrounded by vineyards. Flag Hill has been in operation since 1990 and all grapes used in their winemaking are grown here. They have 18 acres of vineyards, creating 2800 cases of wine a year. Luckily the winemaker and owner, Frank Reinhold, was available to talk with us and go through the wines.

We began with the 1999 Maiden's Blush. This is a blend of concord, delaware, and niagara grapes. Unlike White Zinfandel types of blush wines, this was tart, not sugary sweet. It is a great picnic wine, and one that sweet wine drinkers can enjoy along with those who like their wines dryer.

Next was the 1999 Cayuga White. This was aged in oak, and had a dry, smooth flavor. It has a light, almost effervescent aspect to it. The 1999 Seyval Blanc was also light and gentle, easy to drink. The final white, a 1999 Vignoles, was a good, gentle wine, with hints of apricot.

Now on to the reds. The 1997 Marechal Foch was strong flavored, with a rich flavor. Frank commented that this was a difficult wine to work with, and that he tried not to let it get too 'fochy' when making it. The wine would go very well with red-sauce Italian dishes.

The 1998 Leon Millot was also strong flavored, with a tart aspect to it. The 1998 de Chaunac was only recently bottled. This is more fruity and light, with a clean finish to it. This has low tannins and Frank commented that the average wine drinker really enjoys this.

Now, on to the dessert wines. The 1997 Niagara White is rich and smooth, fortified up to 16% alcohol. They add in maple syrup as well, which gives it a full, white port sort of flavor along with the maple aspects. This would be delicious with a warm apple pie.

The final wine was a 1996 de Chaunac, fortified and mapled in the same manner as the White. It was smooth and rich, with a bit of a tannic bite. This would be great with a rich chocolate cake, or other chocolate dessert.

The grounds at Flag Hill are gorgeous, and this apparently is a great site for picnics, parties, and weddings, In the harvest season they have large festivals here, complete with a grape stomp and BBQ. Flag Hill provides catering service, and their tastings are always free. If you're in the New Hampshire region, be sure to stop by and sample their delicious wines!

Visited in August 2000

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