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Westport Rivers Winery

We first went to visit Westport Rivers in late August 1998, when the sun was warming the full vines and the birds were soaring above the rolling hills and winding paths of this charming area.

Westport Rivers

The tour began right away, under a sun-laced trellis. The guide explained the history of the winery, and took us out to see the vineyards. She went over the life cycle of the vines, explained about the way vines are grafted, and talked about harvest methods. Next we went inside, where she showed us the various ways the different types of wines are aged and discussed how their "sparkling wines" are created.

Westport Rivers
Bill Russell, winemaker

The tasting was done in the rear area of the wine shop - quite well laid out, with nice, clean glasses used for the various tastes. They allow four samples per adult. First we tried Evensong, a "pink wine". This was very tasty, fruity and a bit sweet. Next was their Cabernet Sauvignon / Cabernet Franc mix - the grapes come from Long Island, as do most red grapes in New England. This was 'Signature Reserve' and was mellow, oaky and had a long finish.

Westport Rivers

The final two we tried were sparkling wines, made in the Methode Champenoise. Westport is famous for their sparkling wines. What a delight! The Brute Cuvee RJR was a combination of toast, apple, and some citrus. Very brisk and tasty. The Blanc de Noirs was also a taste combination of toast and cream, refreshing. Both hold their own against sparkling wines made anywhere else in the US, or in the greater wine community. Stock up on these!

We have visited Westport Rivers many times since that day, and have also enjoyed talking with them at various local wine events. Be sure to plan a trip to this gorgeous winery sometime soon!

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