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Mellea Winery

NOTE: Unfortunately, the Mellea Winery is now closed permanently. These notes are for historical value.

My first experience with Mellea Winery occurred in July 1998, when we saw a notice for a Fourth of July picnic at the Winery. Unfortunately the newspaper ad didn't have directions, so we spent two enjoyable but roundabout hours driving through the lovely countryside before we found them (conveniently located off a major road!).

Mellea has a rustic but comfortable tasting building from which you can see the vineyards. They do import red grapes, but grow their own vidal, seyval, and chardonnay. We tasted quite a few wines, and found we greatly enjoyed the cabernet sauvignon and the riesling. Out of all of the wines offered, the only one we didn't like much was the cranberry - just a bit tart for our tastes. The owners were extremely friendly and talkative, and they made us burgers for lunch! Quite an enjoyable trip.

We have been back several times since, and have always found the staff to be quite pleasant and highly helpful. The wines are very tasty, and we'll always bring a few home with us. It's a great destination if you're out for a foliage ride, or enjoying the spring farmland, or any time in between.

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