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Dateline: 11/02/98

On a gorgeous autumn Saturday in Massachusetts, what better way to spend the day than to drive out across Cape Cod? The gorgeous ocean, the fresh salt air, and the two wineries are quite fun to visit. The wineries of course are Cape Cod Winery and Truro Vineyards.

Vines We left relatively early, and pulled into the parking area of Cape Cod Winery around 1pm. The vines, which we've seen in every state of growth, were now sporting orange and yellow leaves as they helped partake in the autumnal spirit. There were no grapes left - these had long since been harvested.

We went in and talked a while with the owners, Drs Tony and Kristina Lazzari. They laughed over our exploits with our Chianti kit, and poured out samples of their wines, which we love. The new 1998 vintages were much lighter and more complex than the previous vintages we'd tried, and there was also a new wine - Regatta. This dessert wine is a blend of Seyval and peaches, and would go wonderfully with a fruit dessert.

We also tried the merlot, "sister" to our four merlot plants growing in our back yard. This was delicious - cherry and fruity, along with an oaky complexity to it. This wine is so low in sulfites that they simply do not register on tests. We took a case of this - one of the last - to serve for ourselves and to give as presents to relatives with sensitivity to sulfites.

Tony Even though they were busy with visitors, Dr Lazzari came out with us to show us how the vines were preparing for winter, and to talk about their organic farming techniques. It was all fascinating!

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