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Because of hesitation about local winemaking, Connecticut did not begin making wines in earnest until 1975, when the owners of Haight Winery worked to help pass laws legalizing farm winemaking. There are now 16 wineries in Connecticut, creating everything from delicious Chardonnays to smooth dessert wines. Chardonnay grows best in coastal regions, while the inland areas find great success with reds like Cabernet Franc.

1: Jerram Winery New Hartford, CT
2: Haight Winery Litchfield, CT
3: Hopkins Winery Preston, CT
4: DiGrazia Winery Brookfield, CT
5: McLaughlin Winery Sandy Hook, CT
6: Chamard Winery Clinton, CT
7: Stonington Winery Stonington, CT
8: Heritage Winery Lisbon, CT
9: Sharpe Hill Winery Pomfret, CT
10: Nutmeg Winery Coventry, CT
11: Bishop Farms Winery Cheshire, CT
Jonathan Edwards Winery North Stonington, CT
Land of Nod East Canaan, CT
Priam Vineyards Colchester, CT
Taylor Brooke Winery Woodstock, CT
White Silo Farm Sherman, CT

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