Wine and Dieting

Posted By: Andi

Wine and Dieting - 05/18/06 06:48 PM

Hi all,
I absolutely love wine, and just started the South Beach Diet. Right now I am in Phase I of the diet which strictly forbids wine (I'm dying).
Anyway Phase II and III do permit wine. I was wondering if anyone out there understands where I'm going with this.

Is it possible to be on a diet and drink wine? How do you guys watch the weight and still indulge? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Posted By: Lisa Shea

Re: Wine and Dieting - 05/19/06 09:09 PM

I've been doing low carb for many year and obviously I drink wine too smile The beginning stage of any diet is about figuring out allergies and such. It has you cut out ALL sorts of things like nuts and milk that many adults develop allergies to.

Once you are "on" the diet and not just in the starting phase, it's fine to drink wine. It's only 1g or 2g per glass depending on what you drink, which is tiny in the grand scheme of things. Compare that with the ungodly amount of sugar in a glass of soda ...
Posted By: Andi

Re: Wine and Dieting - 05/22/06 05:09 PM

Thank you for your response. That is good news. Actually, I lost 2 lbs on the South Beach Diet in Phase I - week 1 even with a few wines included. So it must not be that bad.
Posted By: Brom

Re: Wine and Dieting - 05/24/06 06:06 PM

Depends on your diet plan. Trying to lose weight? Gonna have to cover those 150 empty calories per glass somewhere.

If you are looking at carbs, that is one thing. If you are looking at calories, wine, soda, beer, whole milk, it's all the same.
Posted By: Teresita

Re: Wine and Dieting - 05/11/10 05:02 PM

The liver converts the ethyl alcohol of wine into acetate and the body burns that for fuel before it will burn fat. The body creates 7 calories of energy per gram of alcohol.
Calculate the % of alcohol x the number of oz x 1.6 = the number of calories.
Posted By: Teresita

Re: Wine and Dieting - 05/11/10 05:37 PM

I am embarrassed as I see you are ready have the calculation for the amount of calories in a glass of wine. I am a new member and finding my way around.
Posted By: Lisa Shea

Re: Wine and Dieting - 05/13/10 05:11 AM

Teresita - that's fine, the site is really large and it can take a while to find things! Yes I've got lots of pages on how to calculate alcohol calories and much more, let me know what we can help with!
Posted By: Lisa Shea

Re: Wine and Dieting - 09/23/12 01:40 AM

I wanted to chime in on this again, as my boyfriend just went from about 300 pounds in February to now being down to 195 pounds. He did it through low carb dieting and exercise.

I stay at about 130-135 and am content in this range, and I do drink a glass or two of wine each night smile
Posted By: Bobblewood

Re: Wine and Dieting - 05/16/13 05:11 PM

My wife and I have been on low carb diet and been successful, but still track carbs. I recently "discovered" and became fond of Torrontes, (white Argentina)...when we compared posting of carbs vs. other whites...the info online says (my it has 8 carbs per ounce vs. maybe 3 or 4 a glass for others?? Is that true? If so why?
Posted By: Lisa Shea

Re: Wine and Dieting - 05/18/13 10:50 PM

Bobblewood -

Welcome to the forums! It's great to have you.

I also run a low carb site so I do a lot of research into wine and health. I need to warn you first that any alcohol is going to interfere with a low carb diet. I say this as a fan of wine and as a low carber for 10 years. When I go off wine for a week or two, I lose weight. When I go back onto wine - just a glass a day - I gain weight again. So it has a powerful impact on your weight levels. Your body burns that wine before it burns anything else. So it "throws off" everything else you do.

Say you eat 50g of carbs in a day. Usually that might be a good balance for you because many of them get burned by your metabolism. But if you drink wine, that wine gets burned BEFORE your body starts doing anything else. So that same 50g might all become fat.

So it's not even the carbs in the wine. It's the alcohol - which is a body energy source and a toxin - which then interferes with everything else.

So with that all being said, even if you did extra exercise to make sure you burned off those alcohol calories and all you then had to worry about was the carbs, you discussed carbs per ounce vs carbs per glass. Those are two different measures. Glasses can randomly be 4oz to 12oz depending on who is doing the reporting. So you always have to compare apples to apples, with straight ounce measurements. And when you do, absolutely different wines have different sweetness levels. Some are incredibly sweet, Some are quite dry (which is wine terminology for not-sweet). But whether someone is guessing as to that value or actually measured it, you'd have to ask the winemaker. Also you can usually tell with your tongue smile.
Posted By: Lisa Shea

Re: Wine and Dieting - 05/18/13 10:51 PM

Just to be clear - wine and alcohol interfere with ALL diets not just low carb smile. Alcohol is always a toxin and always gets burned off first, so no matter what you're tracking, it's interfering.
Posted By: Lisa Shea

Re: Wine and Dieting - 01/24/20 10:40 AM

I suppose it's good to counter that if I'm out dancing for the evening, I can be shy about dancing before I have a drink. So if the drink gets you up and moving, you can then burn off far more calories than you ingested to get you in motion.
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