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Posted By: JediWineMaker

Exotic Wine Talk - 12/13/10 07:49 PM

I'm just getting into making wine and other spirits. When I start making my wine, I'll be bottling about 6 cases (72 bottles) of what I think is exotic wine.

I apologize now for anythign that I say that might be wrong since I'm just starting out, please please correct me if I need corrected as I want to minimize my errors cause making wine is expensive.

My first wine is culturally native to the country of Yemen. They used a tree call Dragon's Blood tree, it's sap resembles that of blood and has been used as a healing/health agent for over a thousand years. I have purchased a couple of the trees so I can drain sap yearly for wine making, but my question for this wine is 'what are some good pairing ingredients to produce a spice(spiced or even spicey) wine?'

I want the wine to be most enjoyed in the cooler evenings at room temperature, something that will help warm the palet, I thought maybe a cinnimon but then thought it to be too common of a palet warmer. Does anyone have any ideas for me as far as for pairing ingredients to get the taste I desire?
Posted By: Lisa Shea

Re: Exotic Wine Talk - 12/18/10 01:46 AM


Certainly wines are made from all sorts of interesting substances. People make honey wine, dandelion wine, tomato wine, kiwi wine, and more!

I've had maple syrup liqueur before, so that is tree sap, but never a sap wine. Is there really enough sugar in tree sap to make a wine out of it?
Posted By: PeterLewicke

Re: Exotic Wine Talk - 05/08/11 02:44 AM

I don't velieve that there is enough sugar in any natural sap to make wine, but it would be simple to evaporate off some water to increase the concentration. You wouldn't have to get it to the syrup stage. You might talk to a sugar house operator about bopling some maple sap to about 20 or 25% sugar.

Speaking of exotics, have you ever thought of kumiss, fermented milk? I started some, but I didn't jave a chance to finish it. Cow's milk is not sweet enough. Mare's milk is what is usually used, and there are other varieties.
Posted By: Lisa Shea

Re: Exotic Wine Talk - 05/08/11 05:27 AM

That's interesting Peter, I'd never thought of making a fermented beverage from milk smile
Posted By: PeterLewicke

Re: Exotic Wine Talk - 05/08/11 02:07 PM

I also thought it rather strange, but it appears to be quite ancient, certainly more than 7000 years old. Hey, if you don't have grapes, then you have to find something to ferment.

The Proto-Indo-European Goddess of drunkeness is named Ekwamedha, which can be translated "horse mead".

If you handle it right, then you can end up withcurds of silids and a highly alcoholic liquid.

There are a number of recipes on the internet, so I won't bother linking to any.
Posted By: kevin10

Re: Exotic Wine Talk - 12/15/11 12:04 PM

Sorry peter, but it looks something strange and I also do not feel that wine made from milk will give you that feeling and taste. Some pairing might destroy the common taste also that one can get easily.
Posted By: Lisa Shea

Re: Exotic Wine Talk - 12/15/11 11:07 PM

I'm sure that every different kind of alcoholic beverage has its own mouth feel, and that is fine. I don't mind that Champagne feels differently in my mouth than port does for example!
Posted By: Lisa Shea

Re: Exotic Wine Talk - 01/24/20 10:42 AM

It's that time of year - I should think about trying to make some maple syrup wine ...
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