First time winemaker!

Posted By: jonfitzsimon

First time winemaker! - 12/20/09 04:15 PM

I love the website! I was wondering which types of white wines are more forgiving to errors since i am a first time winemaker. I love Pinot Grigio and Riesling wines. Any help is appreciated!
Posted By: Lisa Shea

Re: First time winemaker! - 12/20/09 07:34 PM

I would start with a kit of anything for your first attempt. The kits are well balanced, have step by step directions, and have support lines you can call for help smile If you love riesling and pinot grigio then I'd try either of those, from a good kit. Let us know how it goes!
Posted By: Jessi Marina

Re: First time winemaker! - 10/09/17 06:20 AM

I used a kit for the time I am making first, that will be the manageable one, details procedure for the process
It’s a great one to experiment for the first time,
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