Planning for Fall Harvest

Posted By: Lisa Shea

Planning for Fall Harvest - 08/21/05 06:26 PM

The fall harvest of grapes is right around the corner. Many home winemakers buy commercial grapes from which to create their own wines. Are you planning on making any wines this fall? It's easy and fun!
Posted By: budgee

Re: Planning for Fall Harvest - 10/29/05 02:20 PM

im fortunate enough to live in the wine hub of the pacific northwest (walla walla tricities area) surrounded by wineries and the wonderful smells right before the harvest.
i used to make wine at home, and i really enjoyed it. but a project better suited when you have a significant other to share it with.
Posted By: MiniTaraVineyard, Mike

Re: Planning for Fall Harvest - 11/05/05 12:26 PM

Harvest time is here in Nelson County Virginia USA.We have a great selection of French style wines at where I work. Please visit when in the area for wine tastings and mountain scenery. 'Must now go to work and give away wine...tough job but someonehas to do it.
Peace, Capt. Mike Patterson
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