solid ice sphere sangria

Posted By: Lisa Shea

solid ice sphere sangria - 07/27/18 10:43 PM

I'm drinking a tequila with red wine and cranberry sangria with a solid ice sphere in it! I love ice spheres. They are just so neat.

That's my actual drink I'm drinking, that you see in the video.

What are you drinking tonight?

Posted By: Lisa Shea

Re: solid ice sphere sangria - 01/23/20 02:09 AM

I haven't made an ice sphere in quite a while! I'm making one right now. We'll see what I end up using it in!
Posted By: LoraMoser

Re: solid ice sphere sangria - 03/10/20 04:34 AM

Hey Lisa,

I also like drinking different kind of wines, my favorite one is Garnacha smile

I want to share an alternative video with this recipe making of Sangria wink
Posted By: JohnMoreno

Re: solid ice sphere sangria - 08/19/22 09:47 AM

Thanks for the video. I never tried it before.
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